Lenten menu in Asteria restaurant


Taste Lenten meals from Asteria restayrant Chef ????

Till 18th of April in our menu 13 Lenten meals:

Salad with funchose 240 Rub.
Vegetable salad with almonds 250 Rub.
Beetroot salad with salted mushrooms  190 Rub.

Vegeterian tomato soup Borsch with bun 210 Rub
Pumpkin cream soup with coconut milk and seeds 210 Rub.
Tomato soup with Pesto sauсe 210 Rub.

Main courses
Risotto with pumpkin mousse 220 Rub.
Falafel with cranberry sauce and squash caviar 280 Rub.
Beans lobio with tomatoes and tortilla 220 Rub.
Baked pumpkin with kinoa 190 Rub.
Wok with vegetables and sesame sauce 220 Rub.

Carrot cake 190 Rub.
Baked apple with cinnamon 160 Rub.

See you in Asteria restaurant!