New planetarium in St. Petersburg


In St. Petersburg the world's largest planetarium will be opened!

 The world's largest planetarium in St. Petersburg will be in the buildings of the former gas factory on Obvodny channel, 74.
Citizens and guests of the city will be able to admire the starry sky under the 37-meater dome of the giant planetarium. The first room will be opened on November 2

The diameter of the planetarium will be 37 meters, while the largest planetarium in Japan is 35 meters and the dome of the planetariom in St.Petersburg is only 16 meters.

The planetariom will be implemented with new multimedia devices. In the process of working on the planetarium, the creators decided to introduce some unorthodox solutions: for example, the visitors could see multitouch-tables that would allow after the main session to control the dome of the planetarium, rotate it and move.

In addition, the new science and landscape space will include coworking, open-air exhibition halls.

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