The closing day of fountains in Petergof!


September 16 is the closing day of fountains period in Petergof!

Dear friends, don't miss one of the biggest holidays - the day of closing fountains in Petergof.

Closing fountains in peterhof in 2017 will be the main holiday event of the autumn season.

Water light and musuc show is a architectural composition,  laser effects, sound of music and fireworks over the park. The Holiday of closing 2017 will take the audience to a distant fairy world and leave a indelible impression in the soul of every guest. This year's celebration is devoted to marine topics and will be called "walking for the three seas". The big cascade, the largest in the world, includes 64 fountains and 264 Bronze Sculptures, being one of the most important attractions of the northern capital A Iridescence Illumination, he will hit the most discerning tourists!

The number of viewers is increasing annually, with the maximum occupancy limit of 30 thousand guests. Paid admission.