Weels of St.Petersburg


St.Petersburg was a significant touristic place for a long time.

In the days of Peter I a rapid growth of the city began, the center was built quickly. The Northern Capital has become a modern and promising city day after day, affecting the cost of land. In response to this demand, Peter I ordered the houses to be built with roud yards.

It is worth saying that there were two entrances to the yard: one in the front, the second through the gate.

Local residents say that there is always perfect silence in the yards, and the air sometimes is too dencer that it can be touched.

Welcome to the hotel Asteria. Part of the rooms have a cosy yard view. In our hotel, you can enjoy the beauty of the city right out of its windows. The Hotel is located in the centre of St.Petersburg. Fontanka, 71, 15 minutes from the famous Nevsky prospekt.
We are glad to see you!

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